- Hey ! there is not only paintings in life...

- You're right guy ! There are also minis !!!

Welcome to the...

In fact, I can help you in other fields than painting.


I know from my "little" experience that there is sometimes a step that we dislike a little bit more in our wonderful "hobby".


Here is a list (not complete...;)...) of the services that I can provide :


- Purchase miniatures.

Painting Classes and courses (master or tabletop / thematic or generic), workshops, and events.

- Preparing your models (flash and/or mold lines...etc...)

- Assembling vehicles, war machines and/or miniatures.

- Basing and/or soclage.

- Undercoating (black, white, grey, colored or not, overhead or oriented...etc...).

- Conversions of your favorite minis. 

- Improving the "graphic impact" of your army or minis (by personnal decals, magical effects, dust, boosters, water, snow/ice...etc...).

- free-hands, banners and others mini-illustrations


free estimate. ;)


Feel free to contact me...